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International political crisis resolution in migration and conflict studies


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

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Reviewing international approaches to crisis resolution may benefit global responses to topics in migration and conflicts.  Wolkanto (2016) outlines two approaches to international political crisis resolution, substantive and procedural.  Chirisa, Mumba, and Dirwai (2014) suggest African Union leaders should understand that globalization has become an influence to development.  Freear and Coning (2013) discusses the challenges of African Union peacekeeping missions in Mali and Somalia.  Mafu (2019) proposes African leaders work to improve economic prosperity and human dignity to reduce the elements for modern slave labor.  Ejiogu and Mosley (2017) recommend studies in lifestyles beyond the means of elite leadership.   Sore (2010) compares and contrasts the legitimacy of regional integration and democracy in the African Union and the European Union.



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