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Consensual qualitative research in technology labour


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

Software Test News:

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An inter-observer agreement among a collaboration of researchers promotes discussion on differences until there is a consensus.   Hill et al. (2005) provided a review of consensual qualitative research studies and provide recommendations to improve the consensus process and study alternative teams.  Hill et al. (2005) suggested that consensual qualitative research may have advantages for studying events hidden from public view.   A consensual qualitative research in technology labour may provide revelations about opaque technology work environments.  McHugh, Farley, and Rivera (2020) provided a qualitative exploration research study of shift work experiences of labour in the manufacturing sector.





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McHugh, M., Farley, D., & Rivera, A. S. (2020). A qualitative exploration of shift work and employee well-being in the US manufacturing environment. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 62(4).




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