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Participatory multinational corporate morality


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

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2021-04-20 01:50:57 viewed: 177


Multinational corporations with an increasing role in national, regional, and international affairs may participate in the remediation of global crises.  Jinfeng (2014) reviewed three principles of justice for global institutions based on cooperative responsibility, the duty of assistance, and dependency on global orders.  The duty of assistance may lie with nation-states or multinational corporations which have the resources of nation-states.  Cusimano and Lombrozo (2021) studied the influence of morality on the evidence for the development of beliefs.





Cusimano, C., & Lombrozo, T. (2021). Morality justifies motivated reasoning in the folk ethics of belief. Cognition, 104513. doi:

Jinfeng, S. (2014). Collective Responsibility or Global Background Justice? Praxis, 4(1), 26-41.




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