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Reviewing energy sources for electronic vehicles


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

Software Test News:

2021-03-09 19:49:38 viewed: 175


With the growing demand of transitioning from fuel combustion engines to electronic vehicles, an assessment of energy sources for electronic vehicles may provide greater innovation to achieve carbon neutral goals.  Battery operated electronic vehicles have a number of options with the design of the battery packs.  Lithium ion battery packs have become popular because of a number of reasons including the availability of lithium and the cost of creating the batteries.  Other options for electronic vehicles include hydrogen and solar powered vehicles.  The recent electricity crisis may serve as a reminder that more research should be conducted in the area of electric powered vehicles.




Dr. Tamaro Green is a computer science researcher and the founder of TJG Web Services.  TJG Web Services, LLC is a consulting firm in the field of information technology.  Dr. Green writes on topics of privacy, security, and ethics in information technology and computer science.

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