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System-on-a-chip programming for next generation technology


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

Software Test News:

2021-03-09 19:52:11 viewed: 162


Efficient design of the programming of the microchips that combine processing units, memory, and peripherals for technology products such as smart devices and electric cars could lead to more efficient management of hardware resources.  For a period in technology history, the focus was on making chips faster on smaller.  The system-on-a-chip has driven a trend towards making the entire computer faster and smaller.  Efficient programming for system-on-a-chip hardware could increase capabilities of next-generation technology.




Dr. Tamaro Green is a computer science researcher and the founder of TJG Web Services.  TJG Web Services, LLC is a consulting firm in the field of information technology.  Dr. Green writes on topics of privacy, security, and ethics in information technology and computer science.

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