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Counternarratives and the research methodology of data illustrations - Review of Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

Software Test News:

2021-03-11 22:42:39 viewed: 195


The storytelling of Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa, Counternarratives, may be integrated into ethnographic, phenomenological, or action research of qualitative research.  Storytelling can support ethnographic research by allowing for research subjects to describe the experience of a demographic group through the telling of stories.  The researcher could then categorize the research with themes from the stories.  Abebe et al. (2021) , in Counternarratives, provides an example of how a phenomenon can be illustrated through the telling of stories.  The data illustration of Counternarratives allowed subject matter experts to detail a canvas of issues in data sharing projects.  Storytelling may also support action research.  Compelling data illustrations can be beneficial to both the research subjects and the researchers for a number of reasons.  Data illustration can be published as a new form of media or can market a strategy.  Data illustrations could also reduce the resources necessary if the objectives can be achieved by the same as applying strategies based on technological resources.


Abebe, R., Aruleba, K., Birhane, A., Kingsley, S., Obaido, G., Remy, S. L., & Sadagopan, S. (2021, March 3–10, 2021). Narratives and Counternarratives on Data Sharing in Africa. Paper presented at the FAccT ’21, Virtual Event, Canada.




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