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Integrating communities for conflict resolution


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

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Vogiazides and Mondani (2020) explain governments-led dispersion of refugees seeking aslyum is becoming a permanent condition.  Debele (2018) explain the inclusion of local communities is necessary for architecting roadmaps towards peace and security in the Horn of Africa.  Schilling, Opiyo, and Scheffran (2012) study the motives behind livestock raiding among pastoral communities.



Debele, E. T. (2018). The challenges and prospects of building sustainable peace and security in the Horn of Africa. International Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 4(3), 44-46.

Schilling, J., Opiyo, F. E., & Scheffran, J. (2012). Raiding pastoral livelihoods: motives and effects of violent conflict in north-western Kenya. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice, 2(25).

Vogiazides, L., & Mondani, H. (2020). Geographical trajectories of refugees in Sweden: Uncovering patterns and drivers of inter-regional (im)mobility. Journal of Refugee Studies. doi:10.1093/jrs/feaa074




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