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National strategies for defense and policy in the Horn of Africa


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

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The international community can support nation building in the Horn of Africa by providing equal and accountable policies, humanitarian aid, and public diplomacy (Bereketeab, 2010; Silvestri, 2019; Tase, 2013).  Silvestri (2019) suggest respect for human rights, accountability, stability are part of the  nation-building processes that can be implemented to achieve peace in Somali.  Tase (2013) suggest a strong defensive military, humanitarian aid, and public diplomacy to counter terrorist organizations in Somalia.  Bereketeab (2010) deciphers a complexity of identity, history, state, and narrative components that contribute to conflicts between Eritrea and Ethiopia.  Bereketeab (2010) suggests that the international community develop just and equal policies when approaching the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.



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