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Investigative peace journalism research


Dr. Tamaro Green, DS

Software Test News:

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Investigative peace journalism research as a field cohabits other fields for which new institutional approaches have influence.  Buitrago R and Barbosa Camargo (2021) suggest theoretical approaches for understanding the relationship between institutions and international competitiveness can include social capital theory, resource environment, and competitive productivity.  A research strategy that may advance investigative peace journalism is the literature review (Snyder, 2019).  Snyder (2019) explains how literature reviews can build the foundation for future research and theory. 


Buitrago R, R. E., & Barbosa Camargo, M. I. (2021). Institutions, institutional quality, and international competitiveness: Review and examination of future research directions. Journal of Business Research, 128, 423-435. doi:

Snyder, H. (2019). Literature review as a research methodology: An overview and guidelines. Journal of Business Research, 104, 333-339. doi:




Dr. Tamaro Green is a computer science researcher and the founder of TJG Web Services.  TJG Web Services, LLC is a consulting firm in the field of information technology.  Dr. Green writes on topics of privacy, security, and ethics in information technology and computer science.

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