Software Test News - Information on Software Test Automation

Software Test News - Information on Software Test Automation

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Automated Testing Team

The automated testing team has developed a framework that implements browser automation, unit testing, build tools, and execution environments for testing the user interface of the application. The testing framework can run multithreaded tests, execute tests on a remote environment, and run tests headless without a browser. The testing framework can execute tests written in a variety of programming languages.

Testing Framework Components

  • Browser Automation
    Browser automation tests various browsers and web elements. Browser automation can automate functionality for a number of different browsers.
  • Unit Testing
    Unit testing allows multithreading, nested tests, and test factories.
  • Build Tools
    Build tool that can load dependencies from repositories to build applications and execute tests from the command line, within an IDE, or within a graphical user interface.
  • Execution environments
    Execution environments can include a shell and can implementstreaming capabilities and UTF-8 support. Some execution environments can run multiple tests and handle various inputs.

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Designing automated testing educational systems for various levels of training. Guidance on improving the delivery of automated testing systems. Developing automated software testing document management systems.

Software Quality Assessment

Providing innovative strategies for evaluating software information systems. Organizing collaborative teams for creating approaches to improve quality assurance programs. Developing software quality assurance plans.


Providing consulting services for software clients. Developing solutions in critical areas of software testing. Assessing all levels of software infrastructure.

Automation Tools

Open source software automation tool development with existing and emerging standards. Open source solutions for creating and designing software test platforms. Developing software test libraries for automating software testing.

Automation Delivery

Delivery specifications for integrating new tools on all platforms. Designing systems for delivery networks and version control systems. Creating evaluation mechanisms for integrating new software.

Automation Management

Ensuring secure and reliable systems for automation systems. Providing solutions for implementing security, availability, and reliability of automation tools. Creating models for assessing the quality of automation tools.